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Searching Research Notes Stored in Filemaker

Question asked by EilidhPennel on Feb 11, 2011
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Searching Research Notes Stored in Filemaker


I'm new to using Filemaker so please excuse me if this question is rather basic.

I'm a PhD student who has been advised to use Filemaker to store my research notes as it will allow me to search and organise them more easily.  I am reading a series of texts- each text will have a new record.  I have adapted the 'Research Notes' template that comes with Filemaker 11 to suit my needs by adding more tabs.  Each tab represents a theme and is then sub-divided by simple text fields with different headings.

I wanted to know if Filemaker was able to search for a specific word/phrase in all fields across all the tabs and to highlight occurences?  So far I've only managed to get it to display each record in which my search terms occur, and not to actually highlight the tab/field within the record where the information is entered.

Hope I have explained myself clearly enough!