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    searching techiniques



      searching techiniques


      Hi Group

      I have some forms with several fields that could contain certain search criteria. I would like to make a search form so there is a single field at the top and the relevant criteria is entered and then the search is conducted through all the fields.

      is this possible?

      regards Fluffy

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          Use a Fast Search, you'll fin how in the Help section.

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            If all the search criteria is same for all field then it is posible.

            I don't thing this is the requirment for you.

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              Hi  I am using pro10 advanced although I do have ver11 on another computer, is the fast search in ver11 as I can't find it in help on v10

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                Hi atauf

                the search criteria will be the same for all the fields, they are basically notes from differnt areas / tables all brought together. a search word or string needs to be simply entered into a single field and then the search needs to look across the desitred fields.


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                  I think Juan means "Quick Find" which is a new feature in Filemaker 11.

                  If you are entering data in a single field and you want to find records where this data is found in Field 1 OR field 2 OR FIeld 3...

                  Make that field a field with Global storage.

                  Use this script to perform your find:

                  Enter Find Mode [] //clear the pause check box
                  Set Field [YourTable::Field1 ; YourTable::YourGlobalField]
                  New Record/Request
                  Set Field [YourTable::Field2 ; YourTable::YourGlobalField]
                  New Record/Request
                  Set Field [YourTable::Field3 ; YourTable::YourGlobalField]
                  Set Error Capture[on]
                  Perform Find[]

                  If you want records where the logic is AND instead of OR, use the same method, but don't include the new Record/Request steps.

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                    Hi Phil

                    that was absoluty spot on! Thank you!

                    regards Fluffy

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                      I really like this search method, is there a way to display the results in a portal rather than filter the number of records?


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                        Hi Phill I need to test this when I am back at work on Monday, but will there be a problem using the main field as a global field with more than one user searching at a time?

                        I assume if one person is searching and then another starts searching then when they put in their search criteria it will override anyone elses as it is a global field?

                        regards Fluffy

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                          Hi Phil

                          I just tested this and it works fine with different users at the same time. I thought due to the global field it would keep updated to the latest value each time a user was using it. I need to read up on how global fields work!

                          regards Fluffy

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                            Hi Brian

                            that would be useful but it is getting the found data related?
                            the table view shows the data as you would like, you could make a form to select the fields you require and then when you do the search it will show your data. I have just played a bit and if you put the global search field and any control buttons in the header it is very useful indeed and you can keep changing your search criteria and seeing the updated results.

                            What would be excellent is if you could have a separate table view within a form, like a portal but without the relations as such. or if you could have a table view in a tab control box. are these possible? can they be added to future versions?

                            I think this search method has got a lot of uses it needs playing with!

                            Regards Fluffy

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                              Hi Brian

                              Also in the main form I was wanting to search from I had my new global "seach field" and a button next to it that ran the new search script, but I added another line in the script to open up the new layout which shows the found data in a table view. it works quite well!

                              regards Fluffy

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                                Hi all

                                here is a another method how to find  a value in multiple field..

                                Just  create a global calculation field that  contains the concatination of all the related field  upon those the search is going on with Carriage Return Symbols.

                                Global field=F1&&F2&&f3

                                Then in this global field enter the value that to search  and perform find operation.


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                                  Hello everyone,

                                  Maybe this Link can Help you..

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                                    Thanks for the ideas Fluffy, I have a tabbed layout with the multi-field search on the 'Home' tab so a portal would be ideal as there would be no need to dart off to another layout.


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