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Searching through a list of items using a local variable

Question asked by RobertRichmond on Sep 4, 2013
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Searching through a list of items using a local variable



     I have almost completed the project I have been working on. in the final step, I have created a temporary table which holds the number of times a value appears in the original table. 

     In the final script I am writing I go to the tempoary table, enter find mode, add the Unique ID and a range of the count of student records I want to see and perform the find. This then displays to me a list of the values between the range I have entered.

     I then go through each of these items and add the student ID into a variable I have called $searchForStudentID, seperating each item by the return character, end exiting after it has added them all.

     What I would then like to do is to go back to the original layout (called "5. Report - Current - Year - Terms")  and enter find mode, then add each Student ID (held in $searchForStudentID) into a row of its own (by adding a new request).

     Once each item has been entered, I'd then like to constrain the exisitng set. I have attached an image of the steps I have followed thus far.