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    Searching using a Zip Code



      Searching using a Zip Code




      I have a huge list of accounts and potential accounts and would like to search within 5 miles, 10 miles and 25 miles using a zip code like a lot of sites do.


      i have an excel file with all the zip codes and coordinates but have no idea how to link the two to perform this search. 


      does anyone know hot to accompolish this?



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          Are you able to derive or look up the math to compute the distance between two pairs of coordinates?

          I believe that will require some Spherical trigonometry do compute if these are latitude and longitude figures.

          Once you can do that, you can put the starting coordinates inside a pair of global fields and use your calculation in an unstored calculation field defined in your table of zip codes and coordinates to compute a distance.

          You can then perform a find on this table to find all zipcodes with a distance less than or equal to a specified distance.

          That list, in turn can be used to pull up all records in your accounts table where the account's zip code is a member of that list.

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            I would probably link to something like this instead of recreating it:


            (prior was wrong link)