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Searching with Checkboxes

Question asked by Annette on Nov 27, 2013
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Searching with Checkboxes



     I have a layout which i've created a global radio button field using a value list i've created.  There is a button that runs a script to run a find, part of the script is using set search options then the added part of the find is whatever the user selected in the radio button.  All works fine.  But what I'm wondering, is there a way to change it to a checkbox and allow users to select multiple options but it not be like searching for the combination of all the checked items but each Item individually.  So If selected say Red, Blue, Green from the checkbox that it would show me all records that had either red, blue OR green in it, not all three.  I'm just trying to simplify the process of users having to run the find more than once with different options selected.