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searching with multiple dates

Question asked by Marty1 on Nov 9, 2011
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searching with multiple dates


 I have a application to 'hire' out stock, and record when it is returned. Written within the 'invoice lines' table I have a layout that records the quantity & date of stock that has been returned. for example within each Invoice Line table there are fields 'Return_Date_01' up to 10 and 'Qty_Returned_01' again upto 10.  I would now like to search all the 'Return_Date_01 - 02 etc, for product returned on a specific date. I show a grab from my layout, detailing the typical format.

I also attach the script I have, but it does not return any relevant values. I think I am looking for an 'or' function (possibly), to match any of the return dates to the globally held request date.