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    Searching within a Table



      Searching within a Table


       I guess that there is simple answers for this - the problem is that I can not

      see it.

         Designing a layout for a telephone and address list.

      Most of it is derived from one record - that for the

      Head of the Household. However, I need to add extra

      data from the records  for other members of the family.

      These are all within one table, but the fields are identical

      for several requirements  - for example a mobile phone number.


      I have no problems in writing the conditional code to decide

      if these fields have relevant data - but I can't figure how to

      tell FM to look for these other records in the same table. 

      Have tried using individual ID numbers  but FM rejects my



       No difficulties with related tables, it is only when working

      within a single table.



      Tuxford C.


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          To answer your specific question...


          It sounds like you need filemaker to find a record if the specified data is in Field A OR Field B OR Field C...


          You do that in filemaker by creating a separate "request" for each such field. You can do this manually or in a script:

          Enter find mode and enter the search data in Field A.

          Create a new request (Select new request from the Requests menu)

          Enter the search data in Field B.

          Create a new request

          Enter the search data in Field C.

          repeat until you have a request for each such field.

          Perform the find.


          Note that you can avoid this complexity if you create a table for your "family member" data, relate it to your original table and use a Portal to display these records. Now search all such related records can be done with a single request instead of creating one request for each group of "family member" fields.

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            Thanks Phil, I shall create a new table as suggested. My biggest problem is inexperience with FM.

            Nearly 30 years of programming in Pascal is proving more of a hinderance than a help.