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Searching within a Table

Question asked by TuxfordC on Dec 5, 2009
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Searching within a Table


 I guess that there is simple answers for this - the problem is that I can not

see it.

   Designing a layout for a telephone and address list.

Most of it is derived from one record - that for the

Head of the Household. However, I need to add extra

data from the records  for other members of the family.

These are all within one table, but the fields are identical

for several requirements  - for example a mobile phone number.


I have no problems in writing the conditional code to decide

if these fields have relevant data - but I can't figure how to

tell FM to look for these other records in the same table. 

Have tried using individual ID numbers  but FM rejects my



 No difficulties with related tables, it is only when working

within a single table.



Tuxford C.