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    Second log on



      Second log on


           I have a very sophisticated script that takes a couple hours to run on 5k records.

           I can't use my filemaker during that time.

           Ive created a 2nd log on, but when i try to access filemaker it brings up the running/existing filemaker program.

           Is there a way to create a sign on that i can use the 2nd log on info and access my filemaker while im running this script?

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               I think you'd need to install two copies of FileMaker or one copy with a volume license and then use both copies to access the same hosted database. Even then, your system may be very slow to respond while this script runs. I'd schedule such a script to run late at night when, hopefully, no one needs to access the database.

               There are a number of different ways to set up a script to run at a specific time of day. The best option depends on your OS, and whether or not the file is hosted over a network by FileMaker Server or not.