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SecureFM vs WindowUtility

Question asked by ralvy on Jul 5, 2010


SecureFM vs WindowUtility


When I return home I want to try out SecureFM and WindowUtility plugins. I'm looking to make my Windows FMPA 11 runtime look more like a real Windows application, so am considering controlling the size of the application window (and keeping it that way), removing the title bar from the main solution window (if not all its windows), maximizing the main solution window (and keeping it that way), etc. I had no idea we could do these sort of things with a plugin, let alone two different plugins. Just found out about them in a private listserv.

So, I was wondering if others here have experience with these plugins and can offer some comments about them. Any features that make you opt more for one than the other? Any gotchas I should be aware of?