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Question asked by john.s on Feb 3, 2014
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Security Access Help



     I have a layout with a portal and a button to delete the portal row.  It works when i am logged in as Admin but not when logged in as other users.

     The layout is based on Jobs table and the Portal is to Join_Customer_Jobs

     I have the following security access for each table

                                                       View    Edit    Create    Delete    Fields

     Jobs                                          yes       yes      yes        limited      all

     Join_Customer_Jobs             yes      yes      yes          yes         all

     The delete limitationon the Jobs table is to allow only the deletion of records if the New Record Flag is set.  I can't figure out why it will not allow the deletion of portal rows on Join_Customer_Jobs.  There is no limitation on delete for that table.

     Any help will be appreciated.