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Security and Data Separation

Question asked by ruhlanma on Sep 30, 2013
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Security and Data Separation


     I'm having some difficulty with an app I put together for a group of iPad users.  This is our initial phase of the application and we began with a standalone database that will be given to each user.   A brief description is this:   we have a sales team who will be gathering forcasting data for the coming season.  They have a lookup table that consists of all potential customer names/addresses.  They will lookup a customer as they go to visit them, and they will then fill out a short survey on the ipad.  Periodically the survey data will be exported and delivered to hq for compilation into the forecasting system. 

     Once I built the tables and layouts and imported the customer lookup data, I separated the data from the gui layouts.  Now I have two files.  The gui and the data.  I left all the user accounts in the gui and only the admin account with auto-login in the data.  But when my users attempted to copy the data file onto their apps they were given a message that they didn't have permission to copy the file. 

     So I've been trying to find info about this topic in the forums.  I've only found one that really discusses user issues with data separation.  It basically states that the user accounts need to reside with the data, and at least one account needs to be on the gui.  I think this suggests that who ever the ipad user is, their account needs to be on both the gui and the data.  But I don't want to have 35 different copies of the gui, one for each user.  So I think I need to keep the entire user account set on both the gui and the data.  The problem I forsee is if the user changes their password, and then I send an update, the password will revert back to the original.  Also, I hate the thought of maintaining user accounts in two places.  That could get messy. 

     I realize that moving the data to a server is going to eventually be the way to go.  But for this first pass, just to get things on the ground moving, we are going with this standalone solution. 

     Can anyone point me to a definitive piece of documentation that thoroughly defines the data separation model?  I don't see any reference to it in any of the documentation that comes with Filemaker Pro Advanced V.12.  Is there a book or something?  I'm an old foxpro/dbase developer and I'm used to having a good manual available to help me wade through a problem like this. 


     Thanks and sorry for the long read.