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Security and field/portal record locking

Question asked by karicha on Dec 3, 2009
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Security and field/portal record locking


1st post here.   I'm using (and new to) FMP 10 Advanced on MAC OS.   I was successful in locking entire records when a field condition was met, however I was hoping to be able to lock certain fields when certain conditions were met - but cannot find 'how to'.


Additionally, tab control portals displaying on the 'locked' records will continue to allow users to 'create' records in portals - even when the primary table in the relationship is locked.

In the security area - while 'edits' allows me to define 'limited' criteria, limited is not an option on 'create'.


Is there an expanded script list that includes 'enable / disable' fields/records and similar functions that can be set on layout / record load scripts?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!