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Security and Password set up

Question asked by FilmUser on Sep 17, 2013
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Security and Password set up


     I am helping a company convert an old FMP5 system of about 25 data bases into one file, via FMP11, then to 12.

     FMP 11 will not import the FMP5 files into the main new file, so I am converting each old FMP5 file into an FMP11 file first, then will be creating new tables by importing these FMP11 files as tables.

     The account / password system is changing, there will be 10 or so accounts, each with its own password, and every table will have the same set of accounts, each with its own same password. At the moment, I have removed all security from the old FM5 files.

     First question - is there a way to add the security accounts more easily than entering each name and password in every table one at a time? I don't see anything indicating that FM Advanced can do this. (I don't have Advanced, but might push for it if it could).

     Also, does it matter the sequence of conversion to 11, account set up, import into the new 11 solution, and setting up relationships? Some simple tests show that relationships convert well, even if the related file is not yet converted, but I wonder if there are any tips anyone can offer as to sequence or strategy.

     Thanks in advance for your help.