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Security Password not recognized

Question asked by JimMac on Mar 28, 2014
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Security Password not recognized


     In a DB that contains 7 external referenced files, my Admin password is common to all files and has operated without problem for 7 years on FMP8-FMP12.

     Recently the client's server hard drive crashed and we have had the DB extracted from the damaged disc.  {the DB had not been back up for a week}

     Now only one of the 7 referenced files reports that the Admin password is not in the list.crying

     It happens to be 12.6 Gbytes in size.  I have tried to use FMP Recover and it freezes on step 6. 

     The last Back Up works as programmed without a Admin PW

     Any thoughts or suggestions on the problem on that single file?  I am very familiar with the FMP security and how good it protects against hacking, but I thought I would give the forum a shout out, anyway.

     I even tried opening the good back up and importing records, but alas FMP stopped me cold with same PW rejection from the culprit file, even though a good copy confirmed Admin PW was good.

     @Phil.... don't laugh at me about backing up files, wasn't  meangel.