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    Security Password not recognized



      Security Password not recognized


           In a DB that contains 7 external referenced files, my Admin password is common to all files and has operated without problem for 7 years on FMP8-FMP12.

           Recently the client's server hard drive crashed and we have had the DB extracted from the damaged disc.  {the DB had not been back up for a week}

           Now only one of the 7 referenced files reports that the Admin password is not in the list.crying

           It happens to be 12.6 Gbytes in size.  I have tried to use FMP Recover and it freezes on step 6. 

           The last Back Up works as programmed without a Admin PW rejection.cool

           Any thoughts or suggestions on the problem on that single file?  I am very familiar with the FMP security and how good it protects against hacking, but I thought I would give the forum a shout out, anyway.

           I even tried opening the good back up and importing records, but alas FMP stopped me cold with same PW rejection from the culprit file, even though a good copy confirmed Admin PW was good.

           @Phil.... don't laugh at me about backing up files, wasn't  meangel.


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               Hi Jim,

               Am I correct that you can't get the file open with any password? Damage to the security section of a file is often not recoverable. So this file may be toast and you may not be able to recover the data since the last back up.

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                 @Phil  You are right!  I tried 4 other known PW's and even the lower level {Data Only} PW's with no luck either.  I do like jelly on my TOASTlaugh! I knew you would be listening at this hour.


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                   @Phil  again...  I wonder why the other six files in the same root directory were not damaged.  The culprit file is the largest size and may have had a record open by a client on the server at Hard Drive crash time. 

                   Has anyone had a single file out of 7 get damaged before?  Does the file size of 12Gigabytes have a problem?


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                     Sounds like that particular file was the unlucky file. I'd guess that FileMaker may have been in "midwrite" to disc when the crash occurred.

                     I've heard of utilities that can insert a new password into a password locked FileMaker file. I have my doubts it would work, but you don't have much to lose by trying it on a file that might not be recoverable otherwise, unless there is someone who can recover the file for you. I think the FMDiff folks offer a file recovery service...

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                       Well took the drive back to the Recovery People and told them the file name and directory.  They extracted just that file...

                       It came back fully recovered.  That was a nice surprise but still in the dark about what happened.  Thanks for the shoulder to lean on, Phil.yes


                       Testing the forum post problem with Mac 10.6.8 Safari..

                       It sounds like the old Mac post problem solved by "paste and match style" when pasting back...


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                         A number of different users have reported that this happens for them with Macs and Safari. The software logs you out at random and does not have any way, apparently, to detect that you have a thread topic open in order to post a comment. If it just waited until you clicked post or clicked a tab at the top of the screen to log you out, this would not be a problem....

                         Here's the link where I've asked people that have had this happen to them to report their browser and OS versions. So far, only IE has not been reported as a browser that was in use at the time of the "log out".

                    Has this happened to you? Logged out and comment lost