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    Security Settings Help



      Security Settings Help


      Hello all I'm working on a project where personnel can submit leave requests through filemaker pro and the leave requests are sorted and stored in a data base which will later relate to a staffing database. So far everything is working great! I have two layouts for my "Leave Database" (LD), one is called "Leave form" and the other is called "Master Sheet".

      What is supposed to happen is personnel will access the LD and submit a record (their leave request) through the "leave form" layout. The "Master Sheet" layout lists all the leaves by start date and the time stamp and allows officers to come in and check whether to approve leave on the list or not. If an officer approves the leave it is marked approved on the "Master sheet".

      Basically the "Master Sheet" is a roster that everyone can view but only select people can modify (such as changing hours of leave or choosing to check approved) and the "leave form" is modifiable by everyone so they are able to submit leave requests.

      The problem is that I need a very specific set of access privileges for the "leave form". Ideally those using the sheet would either be an administrator or a guest. Guests would be able to view everything and create new records but NOT delete, edit or change records that have already been entered, including records entered previously by them. We do not want to assign everyone a user id and password (but if necessary we will).   

      I’ve gone to security settings and attempted to modify the privileges. I’ve even played around with Boolean formulas but the problem I keep running into is the guest profile (or any other profile I create that I put permissions on) isn't able to create any new records at all. I need guests to be able to create new records for this to work but not change them after they've entered information in the fields.

      Thanks for any help you can give.


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          Add some global fields to your database and have your guests enter new data into those fields.

          Put a button on that layout that runs a script that creates a new record and copies the data from the global fields to the data fields of this new record. Use the "run with full access privileges" option in the script editor for this script so that your guests can run the script.

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             Well i tried this but it did not work. :( it works fine for the admin but the guest simply makes a blank record when they do it b/c the security settings prevent a guest from putting in information to those fields the script is trying to copy into.

            Here is the script i created:

            Show All Records > Sort Records [Resotre] > Go to Record/Request/Page [First] > Cut [Select; Leave::EID ghost] > New Record/Request > Paste [select; Leave::EID] > Go to Record/Request/Page [First] > Cut [Select; Leave::Type of Leave ghost] > Go to Record/Request/Page [Next] > Paste [select;Leave::Type of Leave] continues with pattern for all entry fields needed.

            Guests can view all fields but only modify the "ghost" fields that are copied and pasted into their partner field (EID ghost gets Cut and pasted into EID field).

            the other problem is if there is more than one  record with information in the ghost field it doens't cut and paste correctly which could be a problem with multiple useres entering leave at once on the network.

            Any Ideas anyone ?

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              Did you click the check box for this script that says "run with full access privileges"? That has to be selected or this won't work.

              Here's a better script:

              Define each field with global storage that you will use to receive guest input.

              New Record/Request
              Set Field [YourTable::field1 ; Yourtable::globalField1]
              Set Field [YourTable::field2 ; yourTable::globalFiled2]

              and so forth for each pair of fields.

              You can clear the global fields with set field steps, but since global fields will not retain their values, this should not be needed unless the same guest needs to add multiple records in a single session.

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                I don't think you did what Phil suggested, namely:

                - "Add some global fields to your database and have your guests enter new data into those fields"
                - "Use the "run with full access privileges" option in the script editor"


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                   I'm sorry this took so long but thank you both very much. Sorbuster was right I wasn't doing what Phil suggested. It works now THANK YOU VERY MUCH!