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    Sedt field depending on result of other field



      Sedt field depending on result of other field


           Hello There, 

           I have two portals: one for LandPlots and another for payment of these plots. 

           On the LandPlot table I have a field set as check box for payment completed (once the land owner has made all payments). 

           On the LandPlot table I also have a c_Balance (calculation for value of Land-s_Payment), which once owner make payments the balance reduces. 

           I want to create a script/script trigger to automatically check the "paymentcompleted" check box once the c_Balance has reached "U$ 0,00". 

           I tried with a script using if, but I am not getting anywhere

           The script is: 

           if(LandPlot:L::c_Balance = "US 0,00")

           Setfield( LanPlot::Paymentcompleted; "Paid")

           Else If (LandPlot:L::c_Balance > "US 0,00")

           Setfield ( LanPlot::Paymentcompleted; " ") 

           End if