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      See also reference


      I creating a knowledge database of tasks, solutions, tips, etc. to help me administer our computer system and database  I want to refer to  records that are related to the specific record being viewed. So let's say I have a tip on how to edit a single record and another tip on how to edit multiple records (batch mode).  I'd like to be able to put in text such as "SEE ALSO tip on how to edit multiple records...." that the user can click on and be sent to that record. So the text acts as a button.


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          You can create a table of related articles (this table just stores the serial numbers of each article's record).


          You can put this portal at the bottom of your layout and display the title fields in the portal.

          Set up the title fields as buttons with a script that uses a find or Go To Related Records to take you to the record of the related article.


          Two tables, three table occurrences:


          Articles (your current table)

          SeeAlso (table for portal)

          Fields: ArticleID, RelatedArticleID



          Articles::ArticleID = SeeAlso::ArticleID


          SeeAlso::RelatedArticleID = RelatedArticles::ArticleID (RelatedArticles is a second table occurrence of Articles).


          To display the article titles in your portal, add that text field from RelatedArticles to your portal.


          (Used in this situation, Go To Related Records is pretty safe. In other contexts, you have to be careful with it:


          Go To Related Records is a very useful tool, but which is very poorly documented. To learn more about GTRR, click the following link:

          The Complete Go To Related Record

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            Howdy joeu,


            I have something similar on a customer Dbase listing who referred them.

            I chose not to make the text the button, but put the button next to the text so that I could make the field a dropdown without launching a script.


            make a value list based on recordID, showing only values from a second field

            (the second field should have enough info to choose accurately)

            Make the field (RelatedRecordID#) a dropdown using this value list.

            The field will now get a RecordID# put into it.


            Self join your table from RecordID# to RelatedRecordID# and bring over whatever fields you want to populate to describe the related record (keywords perhaps?)


            make your button capture this relatedID, then perform a find for that value in the RecordID field.


            There may be slicker or easier ways, but this works well with up to 10K-15K records.

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              Thanks PhilModJunk and Ninja for your suggestions but quite honestly, they are way to complicated for my limited knowledge of FM.  So I thought of a simplier way.  I will create a separate field called SEE ALSO.  And for the field label I will use a button that's labeled SEE ALSO.  The idea is to have the button perform a script to

              capture the data in the see also field

              perform a "find record" using this data

              the user will than be at the record indicated in the see also field.


              So I played with a script but have no idea  what I'm doing. Would you be willing to help??




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                Actually, that script may have just about as many steps as the GTRR script I suggested.


                Key question before Ninja or I get down to details:

                Will you list just one article in "See Also" or a list of several articles?


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                     Probably just one.  It's not really articles I'm referring to, it's specific tips, work-arounds, bits of knowledge that I would gather to do my job better.  For example, I have to set up barcode readers to work with our system.  So I may store the configuration settings so when I do it 6 months later to another one, I don't have to figure that out. So I may have a see also reference from another record that explains what troubleshooting steps to take if the barcode reader is not working right. I would have a see also reference to check the record that has configuration information to make sure that hasn't change. Manual & crude but that's all I need.
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                       PLEASE CLOSE this tread.  Found script that worked in the knowledge base.  Thanks for all your efforts.
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                         The only way to "close" a thread is for you to click the "Solution" control on the right of one of the responses in this thread. I can do a few extra things when wearing my "community leader" hat, but this isn't one of them.