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See top-ten or sort on highest column-count

Question asked by Imre... on Jun 14, 2014
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See top-ten or sort on highest column-count



     weekly I receive a .csv with error-code-columns. When the cells are empty, the error is not present. When the cells reads "Ja", the error code is present.

     I know how to make a count per column but what I cannot yet do is: make Filemaker show me the error code with the highest count. 


     In other words:

     the screenshot shows 7 columns. Column dbf_3305 _F_ has a total of zero for the value "Ja", column dbf_3308 _F_ has a total of -lets say- 30, column dbc_3311 _F_ has a total of 18. Since the source file has many many columns, it is impossible to see which has the highest score. 

     I 'd like FileMaker to show me, sorted by score-count, the list of error codes. So in this screenshot-example column "dbf_3308 _F_" would be number one and "dbf_3311 _F_" number two, etc. 


     Can someone help me please?