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Seeing two summaries from different tables

Question asked by KatelynLindsay on May 19, 2014
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Seeing two summaries from different tables



     So I am hoping someone here can set me straight! I have been pounding my head against this for almost 2 days and I am thinkin what I want to do may not be possible in Filemaker, but I have only been using it a month so there may be something I am missing!


     Here is my set up first:

      Popuation  >--- (countyCode) --- Counties ------ (countyCode) ----< Cases

     Population and Cases were also connected (in trying to get this darn thing to work) through:

Population2 >------- (countyCode) ------< Cases


     My database needs to do 3 things:
     1. Sumamrize and show population data based on search criteria, summarized by sorting (it does this, see boxes 1 & 2 in the screen shot).

     2. Summarize and show workload data based on searchc riteria, summarized by sorting( It also does this though not pictured, it looks just like the first one).

     3. Summarize and show population AND workload data based on search criteria. (can't seem to get this to work).


     The problem seems to be in the searching, IE, it only searches based on one. I don't want to use portals as I only want the total number not the actual records. I did find one work around which might have to be my solution was searching based on Cases first then sticking that in a global field, then searching on population and just displaying the global field once. This works but I would like it to be broken down and summarized like everything else if possible (maybe it isn't?)

     I can provide any more information needed and thanks in advanced for any help!