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Seeking feedback on new design

Question asked by Nerico_1 on Mar 24, 2010
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Seeking feedback on new design



I'm a newbie to FM using FM Pro 11 on Mac OS (Snow Leopard).  I' creating a DB to manage the interview process for our school.


I have 4 main tables and 3 or 4 others that are not much more than advanced value lists.


The first 3 main tables are not related and are pretty self explanatory


Dates - lists the particular dates when we interview

Interviewers - lists all the potential interviewers

Applicants - lists all the applicants


The fouth table, Interviews, contains foreign keys for the other three as it lists the particulars of each interview slot.


My question is, is this a workable design?  Is it OK to have 3 foreign keys in one table or do I need to divide this up in some other fashion?


I'm currently doing video training and using a "Missing Manual" book but since they both pretty much just follow up a particular scenario which does not match my needs, my brain is swimming.  I would also appreciate any guidance on good online articles that explain this better by addressing the concept of what should be done or shouldn't be done with fk thoroughly and not as it applies to just one scenario.