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Seeking script to merge one record to word 2010

Question asked by EzShaffren on Jan 22, 2013
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Seeking script to merge one record to word 2010


     I am relatively new at scripting and am seeking help to write a script that will take specified fields from one record in FMP 12 to specific fields in a pre-written microsoft word 2010 template.

     Each record is a new client and I want to send a pre-written retainer agreement to each one as they retain us.  I want a button on the layout that will take certain fields from the record and merge it with the name, address...of the fields in the retainer agreement.  I know how to export the fields I want to a merge document, and then open the word document and merge those fields into the word document, but I don't know how to make a button that will do it all itself and just result in a finalized word document ready to be saved to the new client folder in the cloud we use.  I think one option is to just make a layout with the text I want in a text box and use fields for the merge fields, but then I think it results in a pdf.  I need it in word so I can make changes to the retainer if they need to be made on a case-by-case basis.  Like I said, I can do it without a script, but I need a script to open word, send the merge fields to the specified fields in word, and insert them in the proper location.  I know that the 'send event' script opens word, but I can't figure out any more than that.  Please help. Thanks.


     windows 7

     filemaker pro 12

     word 2010