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    Select a paragraph in a field



      Select a paragraph in a field


      I have a FileMaker Pro 10 database where I would like my users to be able to select a paragraph in a field that contains several paragraphs. I would like them to be able to point to the paragraph of their choice and click on the paragraph to select it, rather than having to resort to dragging or quadruple-clicking.


      Any thoughts on how this might best be handled?


      Thanks in advance! 

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          It is possible, if you attach a OnObjectEnter script trigger to the field. But I think it would be rather weird, since it would only happen on the first click into the field. As a user, I would find it distracting.


          It seems your paragraphs have some significance beyond being just paragraphs in a text - if so, why don't you split them into separate records in a portal?