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           I need help with creating a select all script.

           I have a number of items which i select via a checkbox.  I would like to create a button that allows me to select all populating all the checkboxes. the point of this is to create a specific list of items that can be emailed out to a supplier.

           my check box  called "Select" in the value list and has a custom value of "1" 

           I have 78 items to select.

           any idea's?


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          These 78 items, are they essentially related records from which you want to set a particular field's value to "1"?
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                 And are your checkboxes a group of values that enter their specified values into a single file or do you have 78 different fields or 1 field and 78 records?

                 If you want to select every check box in a group specified for a single field, this single script step can do it:

                 Set Field [YourTable::CheckBoxField ; ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "YourCheckBoxValueListNameInQuotesHere" ) ]