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Select fields from Last Row in a portal

Question asked by BetoBoton on Sep 2, 2009
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Select fields from Last Row in a portal


This is an adaptation of the Business Pack Services Edition of FMP 9 Adv.



In the "Contacts" Table  "Contact ID" Indexed Field and used in a relationship with "Service Orders" table field "Bill To"


In the "Contacts" Table I have a field called "Last Service Ordered Date" 


In a separate file and table "Service Orders"  I have "Sale Date"


I would like to automatically (calculation) fill the "Contacts::Last Service Ordered Date"   with the LAST "Service Orders::Sale Date"  



I started thinking about this:

"Service Orders::Sale Date" is present on my Contacts Main Layout via a PORTAL and the last service to this client is the last row in the portal.


Conclusion: I have no idea how to have the   "Contacts::Last Service Ordered Date"  automatically replaced every time I create a new order to this client.



ANY suggestions are appreciated.




Ver Lost.....