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Select most recent dated records, ignoring older duplicates

Question asked by arronman on Feb 19, 2014
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Select most recent dated records, ignoring older duplicates


     I have a large set of records (1000+) each of which contains data of individual visits to shops. There are approximately 400 shops, some of which have been visited up to 4 times, many others less often.

     The goal is to sort through the records, select only one of each record, filtering out the rest, but displaying only the shop record of the most recent date.

     I have been assisted in the process of making a manual import from one table to another and using a unique ShopID field to copy across only one record for each shop, then using a portal in Form View to display different visit data on separate lines of the portal. All good.

     However when the layout is viewed in List View, only the oldest visit data is displayed. I think this happens because the manual import selected only the oldest related record.

     I still need to find a method of displaying in List View each shop, but displaying data fields from only the most recent visit. It needs to be easily updateable.