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Select ODBC Data Source window always empty

Question asked by PaulHuffman on Apr 24, 2015
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Select ODBC Data Source window always empty


I am using FM Pro 13 on a Windows 7 64 bit PC. I have several test ODBC Data Sources to local and remote MySQL databases and made ODBC connections to a local FM database "Contacts" from the FileMaker Basics training.  I can import records from these data sources.  However, I have been unable to set up ESS or get to these databases through Manage External Sources. When I go to Manage External Data Sources>New>ODBC and click the Specify button at the DSN line, I just get a blank window Select ODBC Data Sources as if none of the machine data sources are being picked up.  Same happens when I try to add a ODBC source through Manage Database>Relationships>Specify Table> Add an ODBC Data Source.

I'm using the 32 bit MySQL 5.2.4 driver managed by odbcad32.exe as specified in the FM docs, and my local MySQL database is 5.6 Community release as specified by the docs, although testing with Import Records showed that the MySQL version was not as important as using a 32 bit MySQL ODBC driver. 

My MySQL and my FileMaker ODBC data sources work with MS Access 2010.

FM technical support suggested that my install of FM was bad, so I set up a FM Pro 13 trial version on different Windows 7 64 bit machine, and got the same empty Data Source windows. 

FM technical support suggested that I might be having network issues.  That's why I set up local MySQL 5.6 community installs and populated test MySQL databases to isolate this possibility.  Same results going to localhost or 

What am I supposed to be seeing in the Data Source window?