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select portal values

Question asked by HenkHoogerbrug on Dec 27, 2013
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select portal values


     I want to create a layout (form view) with a portal in it. In the header section I want to create an input field where a user can enter/select a project number. When leaving the input field, the portal rows must be updated according to the new project number.

     But how can I do that?


     I have 2 tables with a relationship based on project number:

  •           Projects
  •           Budget

     The budget layout is based on the project table and contains a portal to display the related fields from the Budget table. In the header section of the budget layout I have an input field "project number". This field contains a drop down option to select another project.

     But unfortunately when I select another project, the portal will not be updated based on that project number. If I use the default navigation buttons of FileMaker I am able to switch between the different projects (and the portal will be updated according to the selected project).

     How can I solve this issue? I think that I have to launch a script when something changes in the field "project number", but what do I have to put into that script?