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Select printer still not working in FMP 10

Question asked by Will on Jan 7, 2010
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Select printer still not working in FMP 10


There has been a documented history of problems selecting a network printer.  Answer ID 5920  suggests this problem was resolved with FMP 10. Curerntly I have FMP 10 Advanced on Windows 7 and OS X 10.5 and on both platforms I am unable to print to the specified printer even when a Print Setup diaolog immediately preceeds the Print statement. In the Print Setup I can select printer 1 and it will print to printer 2. 


On the Mac the only way to change the output printer is via System Preferences as the Print Setup dialog seems to make zero difference.


On Windows the Print Setup dialog works as expected on my system in which I have one network printer and one USB printer. My client with two network printers cannot direct the output.


I have made lots of dumb programming errors in the past, but it would seem like this is a serious FMP 10 problem. 


I would appreciate any and all advice.