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Select Records from Portal to Add to Portal

Question asked by YukioKina on Mar 28, 2013
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Select Records from Portal to Add to Portal


     Hey folks.

     Thanks to PhilModJunk for assisting with my last inquiry.  It really helped.

     I've been working more in FMP12 and have gotten pretty far into what I need to do, but have come to another road block that's stumped me for the better part of a couple weeks now.  All my searching has so far yielded no results.

     I have a pretty complicated relationship going between several tables and TOs shown below.  What I am trying to do is place a portal in Weddings to show selected records from Related Services - a TO of Services.  That I have done no problem.  But my issue is wanting to have check boxes in that portal which will then allow me to select certain services from the portal to add as new records to the Lines table, which puts them into a portal on my Invoices table.

     The issue I'm having is: I don't know what fields I need to add to which tables for the checkbox to say "take this record from Related Services and add it as a record to Lines for this particular record in Weddings".

     As much as I've tried to self-analyze the situation and search around other forums and websites for solutions, I am still coming up empty.  Thanks to anyone who might be able to lend a hand.