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    select records with a check box



      select records with a check box


      I want to select records from a list using a check box in order to perform subsequent actions on the selected records. This is easy in a single-user environment. But how can you achive that in a multi-user environment without interfering with other user's checkboxes?

      many thanks

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          Hi mario66 and welcome to the forum.


          Would using a Global Field for your check box field do the trick, in the field options under the Storage tab.


          Depending on how you use the field, this will then allow you to use the same field in a multi user environment as a global is user session based so other users would not see the value.


          Hope this helps.

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            Thank you Orlando,


            I understand that global fields are user-specific, but also they contain the same value for all the records.

            So I came up with a solution that makes use of global fields  but in a related table. So I have Table1 (containing the records I want to select) and Table_selectedRecords. The relationship is a one to many with


            Table1::_kp_ID_Table1 = Table_selectedRecords::_kf_ID_Table1 and

            Table1::Username = Table_selectedRecords::username.


            Table_selectedRecords contains global container fields gSelect_0 and gSelect_1 containing checkbox pics (empty and marked), and container field Select (not global).

            In the first table I placed the field  Table_selectedRecords::Select

            When I click on it a script is triggered that creates a related record in Table_selectedRecords (if not present already), then sets Select to gSelect_1. When I click a second time Select is made equal to gSelect_0.


            It's a bit cumbersome but it seems to work.

            Is there a easier way to do the same thing? Please let me know.