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    selected value of dropdown list



      selected value of dropdown list



      I have my dropdow list that works well, key's shows me that I need but I can not do that in a field show me the description of selected key. the key and description are unique and unrepeatable

      I hope I have given to understand

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          I think this is your question:

          You have a value list with two columns: Key and description. When you select a value, you see the key but do not see the description.

          If that's the case, you have two options:

          1) Set up your field to be a pop up menu. Set up your value list to "show values only from second field". This way, the menu and the field will display the description even though it is the key that is entered.

          2) Add the description field from the table where you store the descriptions to your layout. If there is a valid relationship from your drop down field to the matching key field in this table, this field will display the description that matches the key you select in the drop down.

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            I see the description in the dropdown list, add the field the table where are all descriptions, but only shows me the description of the first record.

            Does it affect that has a check box to select the key? or do something wrong?

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              I can't understand what you are describing.

              If "thekeyanddescriptionareuniqueandunrepeatable", why would you be using this value list to edit a record in the same table where you have your descriptions? Wouldn't that create duplicates?

              I suggest describing your table structure and value list in a lot more detail. Please include a description of any relationships between tables that you have defined.

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                The first table has the entire inventory (products and materials) with key, description and type (product or material).

                key description type
                GBG-000 cup product
                BGB-000 label product
                CN-000-1 painting material
                CN-000-2 paper material
                CN-000-3 clay material
                CN-000-4 barnish material

                thesecondtablehasthe products to theirrespectivematerialsnum_record,key_product,key_material,quantity


                num_record key_product key_material quantity
                01 GBG-000 CN-000-3 .50
                02 GBG-000 CN-000-4 .60
                03 GBG-000 CN-000-1 1
                04 BGB-000 CN-000-1 1
                05 BGB-000 CN-000-2 2

                and mythirdtableiswhereI relatemy2previoustables.num_record, date,key_product,description_product,key_material,description_material,quantity


                num_record date key_product description_product key_material description_material quantity
                01 1/25/2011 GBG-000 cup CN-000-3 clay .50
                        CN-000-4 barnish .60
                        CN-000-1 painting 1
                02 1/26/2011 BGB-000 label CN-000-1 painting 1
                        CN-000-2 paper 2

                I want todothatby selectingaproductto show meall theinformationof the productthatI needand how muchmaterialI need,save it andtakeahistory


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                  That doesn't tell me how the tables are related to each other. The 2nd and third tables have two different key fields, key_product and key_material, so I can't tell what links to what and how.

                  Do you have these relationships?:

                  Materials----<Bill of Materials>----Products

                  Inventory::Key = Bill of Materials::Key_material
                  Products::Key_Product = Bill of Materials::Key_product

                  That's how I would set this up, but it doesn't exactly match the information in your last post.

                  From there, I'll then need to know on which layout you are having trouble with when you set up your drop down list.

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                    in the inventory table is the key to products and materials in general. in the table of materials, separated materials for products (materials:: key_product and materials:: key_materials) then the relationship was ...

                    inventory:: key = materials:: key_product where inventory:: type = "products"

                    had this relationship


                    so much thinking and reading your previous message I realized I had bad the relationship and in this way could not display the information in a portal tool, so I made this

                    Inventory----<Bill of Materials>----Materials

                    Inventory::Type = Bill::Type

                    Bill::Key_Product = Materials::Key_product

                    show a dropdown list of products filtered by the type and the relationship I have in my bill of materials and materials could display the information in the portal filtering tool

                    I hope I have explained, an apology


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                      Sounds like a conditional value list. If so, see if this thread helps you out:

                      Custom Value List?