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Question asked by tays01s on Sep 7, 2014
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Selecting & deselecting records included in a calculation


I have 4 tables: Person < Analyses < Dates< Activities. There are related thus:

Person::ID to Analyses::person

Analyses::ID to Dates::analyses

Dates::ID to Activities::DatesID


Activities 2 (TO of Activities) is related using Person::Dates_n to Activities::DatesID

In activities I've got a cumulative field for each activity, that gives me the time expended on a particular activity on a particular day.

I have a 0 or 1 toggle fields in Analyses and Dates. I included in the 'selective cumulative activity' field the calculation: Analyses_toggle(0 or 1) * Dates_toggle(0 or 1) * cumulative activity.

2 questions:

1. When I present cumulative values on the Person layout I can use the cumulative field to get a value for particular date (from Activities 2) or the total for a person (from Activities), but I've tried creating a field to pick up value created in the above calculation (tried: sum() and max()) but neither works. How do I get this value onto the Person layout?

2. The 2 toggle fields both, correctly, change the calculated values in Activities. However, when I try to present the value on the Person layout, I find that toggling Analyses immediately changes the value, but toggling Dates doesn't change the value until the Analyses toggle have been modified. NB. I've included a 'Commit records' in the toggle script. How do I get immediate updates to the calculation?