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selecting a paper tray/source with Print Setup

Question asked by tnp on Nov 19, 2009
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selecting a paper tray/source with Print Setup


I am trying to print records from a paper tray other than the default paper tray (I have preprinted letterhead that I want to print onto, and need to keep blank paper in the default paper tray).  I had in mind to use the Print Setup as the first step in a script to print a contract layout from my database.  But not only can I not get the new tray/source setting to work in the script; I can't get the printout from the new tray just going through the steps manually (print setup, then Print). The new tray setting appears to be recognized, but when OK'd and printed, it prints from the default blank-paper tray.


I have tried this with both our networked HP5000 laser printer and a networked Kyocera KMC4035E copier/printer.  If I do the same steps in MS Word and then print, the output comes out of the new paper tray as requested with either machine.


I am using FileMaker Pro v 10, networked on a bunch of Windows XP pc's (SP3).  I have used FileMaker for several years, but only at a fairly basic level of scriptwriting.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.