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    Selecting a record by unique ID



      Selecting a record by unique ID


      I have a table for pricing my products.  A single product my have several prices based on size of run and packaging.  So Product 1 with a 100000 unit run, packaged in 25 unit cases will be one price, Product 1 with a 500000 unit run, packaged in 100 unit cases will be another.  My table has a unique identifier for each scenario:

      CostID1 = Product 1 - 100000 units - 25 unit case

      CostID2 = Product 1 - 500000 units - 100 unit case and so on......

      I need to link each production run to a specific Cost ID as they are always different?

      I have a unique identifier for each run in an Invoice Data table.

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          Two questions....

          1) What are you using as a "unique identifier"?

          2) Are CostID1 and CostID2 separate fields??? (I hope not)

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            Sometimes it is possible to define an expression that uses data from the product record and the specified quantity and calculates the cost. This can be a different expression for each product if you store it in a text field in the products field and use the evaluate function to compute the cost for your production run.

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              CostID is the unique identifier for each separate cost, and ProductID ties it back to the specific product.

              CostID1 and CostID2 are separate records in the Costing Table.

              See diagram.

              Phil, I see where your going with that idea, and I like the concept.  I would need to determine if there was a constant value that I could use??? Hmmmm.... Food for thought