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Selecting a set of records through a Portal

Question asked by MichaelWeisenberg on Aug 10, 2012
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Selecting a set of records through a Portal


I have setup a series of tables in a College Academic Gradebook application in which I want to report on a student's final grades for multiple classes. In my application, I have separate tables fpr Students, Classes and Grade Input. Thus far, I have successfully completed my layout for the report which shows the student's final grades for a given class. I am trying to filter my report to only include the students for one of my classes at a time. To do so, I have added a Portal to my class table on my Final Grading Report Layout. After doing so, my grading report does list each student in multiple classes but my portal drop down only lists one of my classes at a time. What I would want to do would be to use the Portal to choose the class I want to filter for and have the report then only list students for this class. Is this possible to do in the manner I am attempting? What I have been able to do is to filter my report table to only include students for a particular class and then my report successfully displays only those students. While this is a workaround for me, I would rather use the Portal drop down to choose my class and have the report filtered by my choice. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for your help!