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    Selecting a signature



      Selecting a signature


      Using Filemaker Pro 9


      When sending an email via Filemaker how do you specify which signature is to be used in the email? 

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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro only has access to the "To", "CC", "BCC", "Subject" and "Message" fields.  If you are using Apple Mail, there is no way to specify the signature.  Other programs may have a default signature setting or a way to set this via a variable.  You would need to check the manufacturer of your email program.


          Does anyone have an email application that allows a variable to be used for a signature?  That is, "$signature1" or "$signature2"?



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Hi MichaleJ


            Assuming you are using the Send Mail step to do this, either as part of a Script or set to a button, you can write any calculation for the email Message, any part of the email really.


            What I would do is just add the signature below the email body as part of the message. 


            When you are in the "Send Mail Options" dialog on the right of the message box there is an arrow, click on this and select "Specify Calculation" this will then bring up the calculation dialog and you can the specify the bodyu of the email, if its static, or a field, and the put in  a few carriage returns and include the signature, again static or from a filed with teh users signature in.


            Might look something like


            Table::EmailBody & "¶¶" & Staff::Signature 




            Table::EmailBody & "¶¶Kind regards¶¶Orlando¶FileMaker 9 Certified Developer"


            I hope this helps. 

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                 Thank you for the info. Problem solved !