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    Selecting a whole row



      Selecting a whole row


      Hi there! Just started using Filemaker. My question will probably have an easy solution... 

      So, I've got a lot of contacts, then I've made a selection through the search option. In those contacts there is a field with around 20 e-mail addresses, 1 per contact all listed in Table View. I would like to e-mail those people. So I would like to copy those 20 addresses and put them in my Outlook e-mail... 

      How can I do that?

      Thanks for the help!

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          what version of FM?

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            And is this a starter solution you are working with?

            Send Mail has an option for sending one email to all the emails in your found set, but you may have a found set of emails here or you may have a list of emails in a portal and we need to be sure of which is the case here.

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              Hi guys, thanks for the help!

              I have Filemaker Pro 11 v1. The thing I'm trying to do is to attach the e-mail addresses to the newsletter I've created in Outlook. If I send it through Filemaker, I probably lose all the content? I've got a set of e-mail addresses according to the search option I did. 

              Thanks in advance! 

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                You can use a single file attachment such as a PDF of your newsletter in the email you send out.The trick is to put your Newsletter where Filemaker can find it to attach it. You may want to store the newsletter file in a container field so that FileMaker can use that container field to send out the email. There are several different ways to do this.

                You may want to either send individual emails or use BCC with a list of these emails to keep each subscriber from seeing the email addresses of all the other subscribers. (Send the email to yourself, but then list all subscribers in the BCC box.)

                You can send out such an email manually or through a script. Often this is something you can first figure out how to do from a manual send mail and then you set up the same settings in a script so that you just click a button to send out each new issue of your news letter.