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Selecting and bringing a portal row to focus

Question asked by miw on Sep 7, 2011
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Selecting and bringing a portal row to focus


I have a table called "Name".  In my relationships I have copied the "Name" table for the following realtionship:  Name>---X---<Name2.  The first tab of the layout is simple - it is used to input new records in Name.  On the second tab of the layout, I have created a portal to show all records.  The portal uses Name2.  When I move from tab1 to the portal on tab2 of the layout, my active record is highlighted in the portal via a conditional format.  All that works just fine.  However, since the records are numerous, often my active record is hidden in the portal and I must scroll to find it.  Is there a script I can write to scroll the active record in the portal to the top?  I have tried a temporary variable to try to get the active portal row number (which per the data viewer is always zero when I go through the script in the debugger) with a goto Portal Row on that variable to no avail.  I do not want to limit the portal in tab 2 to found set (that I was successful at in tab3) - I want a full listing of records in the tab2 portal.  I am stumped.  Any help appreciated.