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Selecting Conditional Data

Question asked by MadMacs on Oct 17, 2009
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Selecting Conditional Data


Hi, this is probably something very simple but I'm new to FM10.  I have a two tables, one called Drs Surgeries which contains the names of surgeries and their locations and the other, Doctors, which holds their names and personal details such as e-mail addresses.  I have set this up so that the Doctors tablecontains a field with a drop down to select the surgery from the Drs Surgeries table - this is because some doctors change surgeries.  I want to set-up a third table where by selecting the surgery from the Drs Surgeries in in a drop down field, will then limit the choice of doctors in another drop down field to those only those that belong to the surgery selected.  So far all I've managed to do is get a drop down with all doctors showing irrespective of surgery.  Is there a simple way to automatically filter a selection to show on a drop down list?