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    Selecting field in other layout



      Selecting field in other layout


      What im trying to do is find a command to automaticly select and highlight a field for example i got a button that goes to a layout i want it after it gets to the layout to set me on a certain field every time. how would i do that.

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          Alex Godines:

          Thanks for posting!

          You can accomplish this by having your button call a script. To create a script, head to Scripts -> Manage Scripts and opt to create a new script. Your script will probably end up looking similar to this:

          Go to Layout [Layout Name]

          Go to Field[Field Name]

          Once you have your script set up, you can attach it to the button by right clicking the button in layout mode and selecting Button Setup. From there, choose Perform Script and specify the script you just made.


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            i do that but it does not do anything. but my script kinda diffrent ill show you what i have

            Go To Related Record [Show Related records; From Table "Layout1"; Using Layout: "Layout2"

            Go To Field [Layout::DiscountTotal]

            Sort Records[Restore;No Dialog]

            Enter Browse Mode

            Not sure what im doing wrong cause it does not go to that field

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              "Layout" and "table" are two different things. You appear to be trying to use the terms interchangeably here and that can be confusing.

              Enter Browse Mode isn't needed. Make Go To Field the last step in your script. (sort the records first).

              Also make sure that Layout::DiscountTotal is actually the field you've placed on your layout. Layout1::DiscountTotal is not the same field as Layout::DiscountTotal.

              Also, you can enter layout mode and use Set Tab Order... from the Layouts menu to make this field the first field in your tab order. That may eliminate the need for your go to field step.