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Selecting FM12 to open files

Question asked by FilmUser on May 28, 2015
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Selecting FM12 to open files


Windows 7 Enterprise, FMP12 and Server 12 transitioning to 13 for both, not yet in production.

Data base with about 40 users in a corporate environment.

I (the administrator) am running Pro 12 and Advanced 13 (just recently installed for testing). We also have a trial copy of the data base on a new server running Server 13. Seems to be working ok.

The IT group will begin to push down client 13 to the users any day now. I notice that when I open a data base (hosted or not) by double clicking on it, even if 12 is running, the computer launches 13 to open the data base. It does this even with snapshot links that were made in 12.

If I right-click on a file to set the opening software, 12 is not available, even in the "other programs" or "browse" search for 12.

Can I somehow do something so that our computers will not launch 13 unless we launch the application directly? (In other words, a default for FM12).

Maybe this isn't important, or even necessary, but I would like the users to all use 12 until we change, just to be conservative about it.