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Selecting image name and showing the image

Question asked by Jeff123 on Jan 21, 2010
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Selecting image name and showing the image


I am having a terrible time trying to figure something out. What I want to do is this (I'll try to be as descriptive as possible, so you have an idea of my concept):


Side 1:

A portal with a few rows (I know how to do that).  These rows will have only one field, and that will be the image name.  I have this portal looking up records from a table called "floor plans".  I also have the table related to my main table called "main table" (I'm not creative).  I then have a button that works that will insert the picture and then I can see the name on my side 1 portal.


Side 2:

A portal with just 1 row showing that is large enough to have the separate field for the image.  Right now the records are from the same table called "floor plans", however I did attempt to create a related table called "floor plan images"... needless to say it didn't work.


What I would like to do is be able to select the image name (a row from side 1), and have that particular image show up in the field on side 2.  Right now I can see the photo names in side one but only can see the last photo added in side 2.


Is this possible?  Can it can be done using easy or intermediate steps (as in I don't need a degree in Filemaker to understand the directions on how to do it! :P) 


Thanks, this forum and you guys have helped me out sooooo much.