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    Selecting layouts by calculation



      Selecting layouts by calculation


      Hoping someone can help, my script writing skills are quite basic.

      I have a database where the majority of tables are linked by order number. I want to write a script where the user enters an order number in a custom dialog box and then the script looks at a field in a table called "New order" related to this order number called "Product" and depending on what it finds in this field opens up a specific layout and displays the information from another table called "Orders" related to the same order number.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          There are two basic approaches for a script to select different layouts:

          The go to layout step has a pair of options: "Layout name by calculation" and "Layout Number by calculation" that can be used if you have the exact layout name or number in a field or variable (or that can be created in a calculation).

          Go to Layout [IF ( Table::Field1 = "apple" ; "apple layout" ; "Orange layout" )]

          Or you can set up an If block with different go to layout steps:

          If [Table::field = "A" ]
             Go to layout ["apple layout" (Apple) ]
             Go to layout ["Orange layout" (Orange) ]
          End If

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            Thanks for the response Phil,

            However it only partly answers my question, before looking at the field in the table I want to find a specific record (and the record will be different every time the script is run) in the table and then look at a certain field and based on what it finds in the field it then chooses a layout to go to and loads the corresponding record that was searched for at the start.

            Not sure if this is even possible.

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              It is quite possible, but it is not clear what part of the above outline is not currently working for you and there are many missing details.

              A script can locate a specific record using a scripted find or Go To Related Records. But how is that "specific record" specified? Will the user select a value from a list or will some other method need be used? The rest of this is handled in my previous example. Table::field would be that "specific field" that the script "looks at".

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                I am trying to use a custom dialog box that asks the user to enter an order number. The steps I have at the moment are as follows:

                Enter Find Mode []

                Show Custom Dialog ["Find Order";New Order Creation::Order_Number]

                Perform Find/Replace []

                If [New Order Creation::Product = "Prime Rolled ERW Line Pipe"]

                Go to Layout ["Orders Pipe" (Orders)]

                End If

                Eventually my plan is to have multiple If statements for the different types of products. My problem is I really do not know how to start to find the order number in the script.

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                  Perform Find/Replace is the wrong script step. You need: Perform Find []

                  You might also find this thread of scripted find examples helpful: Scripted Find Examples

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                    Thanks Phil it now works.

                    My next question, how in the same script do I get the new layout to automatically show the data that relates to the order number that was found in the first step as they are looking at different tables.

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                      They would need to be linked in a relationship that make this possible. And in some cases, you might use Go To Related Records to pull up a related record on a layout based on the related record's table.

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                        Thanks Phil for all your help on this. I now have it working exactly how I want it.