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selecting layouts in a script by calculation

Question asked by imgaryshap on Dec 8, 2009
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selecting layouts in a script by calculation




I'm a FMP 8 user on MAC.


I have script that executes a sort via date range.  


when i select the particular sort, it takes me to a layout to input the dates.


this works fine.


I want to add a button where i can simply sort all records, thus bypassing the need to enter dates.


now - no matter what the sort is that i'm looking for (any number of fields), the scripts all take me to the same "Date Range" page.


I simply hit "continue" and the sort continues with the entered dates, and takes me to the proper layout respective to the sort I'm running.


when i try to show all records, and bypass the entry date, that's where things go wrong.  


I'm wondering if there is either calculation to choose layouts, or is there a calculation where if both "to" and "from" date fields are blank, then "sort all records."


any ideas?