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Selecting Multiple Layout Objects in FMP 12

Question asked by philmodjunk on Apr 18, 2012


Selecting Multiple Layout Objects in FMP 12


Anyone else notice this behavior change?

If you try to select multiple objects in layout mode by dragging a selection box around them, the box need only "touch" the object to select it. In FileMaker 11, only objects that are fully enclosed in the selection box are selected.

I can see cases where this change will be handy, but I often select a group of objects that are closely surrounded by others by clicking on a blank part of the layout well away from them and then drawing a narrow selection rectangle arround the objects that I want. the fact that I might stretch this rectangle across multiple larger objects was no problem as they weren't enclosed by the selection box. At worst, I might have to shift click an object or two to deselect them to get the group I wanted. This trick is especially useful if one or more of the objects is very small or invisible.

But since this behavior change in version 12, this trick was no longer working for me. At this point, I'd be posting this in feedback and also the Feature Suggestion Form except that I remembered a key rule when trying out new software versions: Before posting an issue report or requesting a change, read the manual! (Or in this case the help files...) Checking FileMaker help reveals that if I hold down the ctrl key (windows) or the option key (mac) I can still get the original selection behavior for my selection box...