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Selecting Multiple Record Dropdown

Question asked by NetDude on Nov 12, 2012
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Selecting Multiple Record Dropdown


     I would like to create a layout for entering records. One of the fields will need to display possible records from another table i.e. Contril Style - Dropdown list . I have easily creaed this by creating a value list based on values fomr another table. However Instead of allowing the user the ability to only slect one from the list of possible ventor types, I would like them to be able to select multiple options. Here are my tables:

     This is the primary table for adding vendors.

                    Vendor_id                     Number - Auto Enter Serial
                    Vendor_name                     Text
                    Vendor_type                     Text

     This is the possible Vendor Types

                    Vendor_type_id                     Number - Auto Enter Serial
                    Vendor_type_name                     text
                    Vendor_type_description                     text

     Its quite feasable that when users are entering a vendor that they will need to select more than one vendor type from the Vendor Types table. i.e. One to Many relationship.

     How can this be done? Will I need to create another table for entering and storing the Vendor_id and Vendor_type_id crosswalk i.e. Cross Reference Table? If yes then what controll needs to beplaced on the main vendor layout page for entering new records and associating possible multiple selection for Vendor Type.