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Selecting part values from Value List

Question asked by ChrisSmythe on Nov 25, 2012
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Selecting part values from Value List


     Hello, I am running FileMaker Pro v12 on Windows XP and am hoping that someone would kindly assist me with the following (please see my database at the following link:  (Account Name: Admin   Password: click on OK as there is no password).


     My DeploymentDetails::OperationExercise field is link to a Value List named OperationExerciseNames.

     When a user selects an Operation / Exercise from the dropdown list, they can scroll down the list to select an existing Operation / Exercise name. This works OK.

     Alternatively, when a user decides to not use the dropdown list and types in the actual value directly, then that works OK too.

     For example: the user may choose to use the dropdown list to select value: Operation Silver (Operation Silver is in the Value List). Alternatively, they may type the whole value: Operation Silver into the DeploymentDetails::OperationExercise field.


     Does FileMaker have the ability for a user to type in only one word in a multiple word value that is part of a Value List?

     As per previous example, can the user just type in the word Silver and then the Value List recognises that the word Silver is part of the value: Operation Silver?

     Kind regards,

     Chris smiley