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Selecting portal records to add into invoice total

Question asked by ffdstudios on Mar 21, 2014
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Selecting portal records to add into invoice total


     I am using Filemaker Pro 12 to create a database for a Dog Walking/Pet Sitting business.  Tables are as follows:

     Customer: Parent Table to hold basic client information such as name, address, email, phone, etc

     Pets: Child Table to hold basic pet information such as name, breed, allergies, etc

     Events: Child Table to hold calendar information specific to when a client wants their pet walked/looked after, such as date, time, type of event (pulled from the Scheduling table), event total, which pets will be walked/looked after, etc

     Scheduling: Parent Table which holds the info pertaining to event types such as Session Type, First Pet cost, Additional Pet Cost, Holiday Cost.

     Pets_Events: TO from the Pets table to link to the events table, so when the  a new event is created and the client is chosen, a list of all their pets is shown on the event

Table Relationships

     Customer::_pkCustomerID = Pets::_fkCustomerID

     Customer::_pkCustomerID = Events:_fkCustomerID

     Scheduling::_pkSchedulingID = Events::_fkSchedulingID

     Pets_Events::_fkCustomerID = Events::CustomerName


     I have a portal on the Events table layout so when I create a  new event and choose the customer, all of their pets pop up.  Sometimes, however, a customer doesn't want all of their pets looked after during one particular event.  If the customer has a dog and a cat, but only wants to schedule a 15 minute walk for their dog, I don't want to charge them for their pet.  The way I have the calculation set up now, the event total takes into account all animals the customer has.  I would like to (perhaps use a radio button in the portal) and pick which animals the customer wants looked after, and then charge accordingly.  I realize I cannot put a radio button on the Pets table and then pull that into the portal, because I want it to be based on the event, not the pet and that would change other invoices for other sessions.  I tried creating a radio button on the Events table and put that into the portal, but when I chose 1 pet, it selected all pets.  Then I tried making it global, but the same thing happened.  So I'm at a loss....  any and all help is appreciated!