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    Selecting record



      Selecting record


           I Have 2 questions.  I have a list layout where there is a checkbox next to the photo.  Select the checkbox.... click on email and you get an email showing all of the selected items except for the last item because you dont leave the record before pressing the email button.  What is the best way to handle this?


           Also in FMGO in a dropdown list when I type in  a selection and press return.... a return or line feed happens.  I have the Tab, Return, Enter checked in the Go To Next Object behavior.  Any suggestions?

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               1) commit the record first. Click a blank area of the layout or add commit record to your email button's script. (If it is just set to do Send Mail, change the button setting to Perform script and create a script with commit record and send mail in the script.)

               2) I just got an iPhone and got my first DB file loaded onto it today so I am "learning go" as fast as I can so I haven't seen this behavior just yet. One option would be to add an auto-enter calculation that strips out the return character. Another option may be to use OnObjectKeystroke to detect the code for return ( Code ( get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ) ) and both exit the field and exit the script with exit script [ false ]. This last step will keep the return from being entered into the field. But note that I'm a "newbie" on Go and haven't tried either option out for myself just yet...