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Selecting records in one Portal to activate information in second and third Portal

Question asked by JerryArntson on Feb 1, 2011
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Selecting records in one Portal to activate information in second and third Portal


In FileMaker Pro 11 and I have build a database to track commercial real estate buildings with tables for building info, owner, tenants, sale comps, and contacts made. One of my layouts allows me to see all of this information in one place. Essentially in four quadrants: Building Info, Tabbed Section, Tenant Portal, Contacts Made Portals. I have set up a tab panel which includes additional bldg info, owner info, tenant info and sales comps. The Tenant tab is a Portal linked to the Tenant Portal quadrant and the rest of the tabs contain fields from their related tables.  A  Button in the Tenant Portal quadrant allows me to see the specific detailed information related to that Tenant in the Tabbed Section or will give a blank record in the Tabbed section to enter a new Tenant for that building.  I have a "Junction Table" set up as a bridge between my Owners and Tenants Tables and the Contacts Made Table, which simple has just four fields: Junction#, Owner#, Tenant# and Contact#. 

My questions are as follows:

1)  Is there a way or a script that would allow me, when I select a Tenant in the Tenant Portal to not only see the detailed Tenant Information in the Tabbed Section but also see the last Contacts Made in the Contact Made Portal? 

2)  Occasionally I have an Owner that owns more than one building and I would like to be able to search for and select an existing Owner by Last Name or Owner's Entity.  I tried using a Button with a drop down list linked to the Owners # that kind of worked, but when I selected an existing Owner it set up two records one with the Owner's information and one blank and didn't always link back to the Building Table.  I have a Junction Table bridging between the Building Table and the Owner Table similar to the one I described above.  Is there a way to search if an Owner does exist already and if so then select them to populate and link to that additional Building record, and if not, then proceed to set up a new Owner record?

Thank you for any assistance.